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MAMORU OSHII book review [fiction] Part 03, ANGEL'S EGG: GIRL SEASON


There're some Mamoru Oshii book lists on the Internet, but they don't have detailed explanations about the contents. My Mamoru Oshii book collection is far from complete, but I'd like to write some short summaries for each of those books.

I apologize in advance for grammatical errors and misinformation.



title: 天使のたまご 少女季

(Angel's Egg: Girl Season)

release: 12/01/1985 (reprinted on 01/01/2004, revised on 02/25/2017)

publisher: Tokuma Shoten (revised by



Angel's Egg: Girl Season

afterword by Yoshitaka Amano (2007 version)



This is an illustrated spin-off story of Angel's Egg.

The illustration was done by Yoshitaka Amano himself. Those illustrations are different from the imageboards of the anime. The text-part was written by Ristuko Araki. According to Amano's afterword, Oshii just gave a few pieces of advice on the editorial design, but most parts were made by Amano and Araki.

So, I can call it is purely Amano's version of Angel’s Egg. If you only care about Oshii's works, I don't recommend it to you.

Amano's images and Araki's text are brighter and more otherworldly than Oshii's world. I personally prefer Oshii's Angel's Egg to this book, but the girl’s aesthetics fit the book’s world rather than Oshii's world.

The boy doesn't appear in this version. Fishermen either. It focuses solely on the girl. And Amano added a few original characters like clowns.


Oshii depicted the scene of the crushed egg with a very dark and sad atmosphere, but Amano put a "rebirth" image into the crushed egg. Right before the crushed egg illustration, Araki wrote "I don't need the egg anymore". While Oshii's girl has a dependent nature, Amano and Araki's version shows a different character type. She has agency. She is independent. As a protagonist of a fantasy story, Amano and Araki’s girl is more likable. In other words, Oshii’s interest was not in her agency.